After more than 10 years, 1/ putting our creativity in a whole lot of amazing projects and 2/ exploring new ways of working in an agency.

We decided to close the Stéréosuper chapter.


In it, there were all the ingredients of an extraordinary adventure:
giggles; challenges; hard times; tremendous successes; corny dabs; a real-life crook; dressed-up days; memes; tedious clients; amazing clients; an insistent mum; some disappointments; BIG hugs; festivals; adrenaline rushes…

And like every great adventures, it had to come to an end 😘

Most of us are available for freelance projects:

We have been working with them a lot these past years.

For the nostalgics, some significant projects by Stéréosuper:

And for the nostalgic-nostalgics,   our old website


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Bisous 😘