Super story

After years working for other people, we decided is was time to create our dream agency.

An agency that spends 100% of its time on its clients.
Not on pre-sales mockups.

That works hand in hand with clients. Starting from the sketches.

That makes the most of project constraints,
instead of whining and throwing tantrums.

It's decided

We’ll call it "Méganet"!
What? It's taken? Ok, "Stéréosuper" is cool also, I guess.


Drivy wanted the French to understand that cars can
do better than being parked 97% of the time. We really hit it off.
Drivy car keys

We designed a page, and it was very successful.
We realized we really love that stuff…

You know: using our
creativity to persuade

Since then, we’ve helped a lot of startups,
mostly during their crucial first steps towards growth.

To convince. To expand the target. To add value to products.

And to make brands
radiate quality.

So we gave Chauffeur Privé a red tie,
designed their mobile app and their site.

Chauffeur-Privé tie

We built a site for iAdvize iAdvize mug

Imagined a new corporate identity for Captain Train Captain Train tote bag

Built sites for Akeneo, and Alven Capital Akeneo teddy bear

Recommendation after recommendation, Stéréosuper grew.
And recruited likeminded, talented people.

We do not strive to be
the big agency.

Our goal was always to improve the quality of what we do.

There are now 8 of us, doing super stuff.

And sharing a fascination with kittens, Furbys, crappy music Fridays and Nerfs guns.


All these challenges have made us better. Professionally and as humans.
We love using this experience to help a wide range of projects and clients.
Even . Do you think selling fuel is tacky? Wrong
That construction giants are too corporate and talk too much? Wrong
That VCs are arrogant? Wrong

This is just the beginning!